Primavera P6 Tutorial : Use Current Screen

How to Use the “Use Current Screen” Feature in Primavera P6

Primavera P6Primavera P6 provides numerous tools for reporting on the status of your projects.  You can print reports created with the report wizard or report editor.  You can also print layouts, which are on-screen displays of Primavera  P6 project data (such as activities).  Many organizations create “report batches” to support weekly project status meetings.  This can be easily accomplished by accessing  the “Tools” menu,  selecting “Reports” and then “Batch Reports”.

What happens when you have taken the time and effort to develop a Primavera P6 activity layout, which includes strategic key performance indicators pertaining to your project,  and your project executives decide that they want that information included in the weekly status reports? This will cause a  potential problem in this scenario because P6 activity layouts cannot be added to report batches.

The Primavera P6 Training Tutorial included in this blog provides step-by-step instructions for converting an activity layout to a report design. Once it is a report design, it can be easily added to a report batch. You can view the Primavera P6 Tutorial: Use Current Screen by clicking on the hyperlink.

Step 1: Open a Primavera P6 project and then your desired activity layout.

Step 2: Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Report Wizard”.

Step 3: Select the option entitled “Use Current Screen” and then click next to access the next step in the wizard.

Step 4: The next few steps in the wizard enable you to modify the presentation & content of the report; however, if you want the report design to reflect the existing layout, just click next until you are prompted for a report title.

Step 5: Enter the desired report title and then click next in the wizard.

Step 6: The next step prompts you to run a preview of the report.

Step 7:  After running the preview, you can advance to the next step in the wizard where you can save the report.

After completing step #7, your layout has been converted to a report design and is now available for inclusion in a Primavera P6 “Batch Report”.  This can be accomplished by accessing the “Tools” menu, selecting “Reports” and then selecting “Report Batches”.

Report Batches can be printed manually from the “Reports” window.  Organizations can also schedule the batches to run automatically using Primavera P6 Job Services.

Please take an opportunity to view the Primavera P6 Training Tutorial video included in this blog for instructions on the above mentioned process.

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