What is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and On-Demand?

Cloud Computing and On Demand – What They Mean to You

What is Cloud Computing?

If you search the Internet these days for a solid definition of “Cloud Computing” or “On Demand” you will most likely be a bit confused and possibly disappointed.  Although these concepts are not brand new in the IT world, they are still going through some elucidation and characterization.  Since anyone involved in the development of these concepts is still working to finalize how these concepts will be offered and implemented, we are likely to continue to see some ambiguity surrounding both “Cloud” and “On Demand” for a while yet.  Understanding that this is the case, and assuming that most of my readers are users, and not IT folks, I’m going to offer a preliminary explanation on this whole thing on a very high level (so I ask the IT people to please not cringe).

Cloud computing is really just about working with YOUR data in an internet-type environment.  Instead of having your data stored on a computer that you own, it is stored on a service provider’s computer.  On Demand means, whatever equipment, hardware or software you want to use for your operations is determined by your needs over a given time frame.  You use it ‘on demand’ only when you need it.  Of course, there are several variations of how each of these things can be implemented for you today, and we must remember that even these may change as this field continues to take shape.

In the first installment, I will give a brief, low-tech explanation of ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘On Demand’ concepts.  In the next installment, I will talk a bit about Oracle’s Primavera offerings in both Cloud Computing and On Demand Services.

Tricia Kyzar has a Master’s in International Business and a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning with extensive experience in Finance and project support in construction development. Her passion is helping companies maximize their project portfolios through increased understanding of scheduling, risk analysis, earned value management, business intelligence, and reporting analytics. She is currently a Senior Consultant for Mid-State Solutions, Inc, providing Training and Support for Oracle Primavera Products.

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