Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9

Portfolio Management Release 9 Overview

Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9 is an enterprise portfolio analysis application that provides organizations with a tool to strategically prioritize, plan, and execute their enterprise portfolios. Many companies have numerous projects in their portfolio and do not know how to organize them effectively. This lack of organization results in poor visibility into their portfolio, inconsistent process and metrics, and operating the business in a reactionary way. Primavera Portfolio Management  solves this problem by giving organizations the ability to make faster and more effective decisions leading to an improved ROI.

Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9 delivers value to organizations by keeping their portfolio health on track and highlighting potential adjustments to reach portfolio goals quicker. An easy to use dashboard interface configured with key performance indicators and investor maps gives the user key insight in to choosing the optimum portfolio mix. Investor maps gives users insight into their organization’s activities by using parameters such as investment type, risk, and budget.  
Primavera Portfolio Management users will also have access to consistent evaluation criteria, user-friendly forms, and access to past or projected data all of which will improve decision making and performance of your portfolio. User- friendly forms are easily configured to make collecting data easier, while utilizing workflows promotes user adoption and increased productivity. Workflows will help your organization see value faster by streamlining processes, work efforts, and critical decisions.

Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9 has never been easier to use. Intuitive, web -based wizards enables flexible configuration of analytics, dashboard views, workflows, process flows and security in the application. These wizards will help guide users through the creation of your portfolios and how you collect, view, and analyze data which well help maximize cost savings and productivity by streamlining the set up and learning process of Primavera Portfolio Management.

Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9 Highlights

Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9 has seen major improvements making it more versatile and enabling companies to improve transparency in their business processes. The two major new features are an updated user interface and the addition of the workflow capability.

The new user interface of Primavera Portfolio Release 9 has been reconfigured to resemble the rest of the Primavera suite. The change to the new user interface is meant to standardize the interfaces of all the Primavera products making the Primavera suite a truly enterprise solution. Users will also be able to learn the application quicker and more effectively.

The addition of the workflow feature is the biggest improvement made to Primavera Portfolio Management Release 9. The workflow tab can be found next to the process tab underneath the new guide pane. Primavera Portfolio Management’s workflow feature enables organizations to automate business processes and approvals based on the organization’s unique requirements. The user will be provided with guided direction from beginning to end for the task that is required. When a task needs to be completed, an alert will trigger a workflow instance for user needed to complete the task. Then, the application will guide the user through the steps until the task is complete.

Stay tuned for the next installment where we will cover the Primavera Portfolio Management bridge with Primavera P6 EPPM!

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