Primavera P6 Progress Reporter

Manage Project Schedules

The Primavera P6 Progress Reporter module is a web-based timesheets and progress-reporting system that is intelligently integrated with Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management project schedules. Team members see a simple cross-project to-do list of their work assignments that is generated by Primavera P6 EPPM. Project team members can record time worked and enter information about their project assignments and the information is seamlessly transmitted to the appropriate approver in Primavera P6 EPPM. Regardless of location, team members can communicate timesheet and activity status directly to their managers including updated forecasts for remaining work (Oracle).


Simple Documentation

Primavera P6 Progress Reporter allows each team member to easily view and update his or her work assignments. This includes the capability to enter and track time against overhead work, including vacation, sick time, and jury duty- because unfortunately jury duty happens to the best of us! An additional benefit allows team members to easily enter overtime, view documents, and provide feedback to the project manager.


Simple Supervisor Approval Process

Primavera P6 Progress Reporter automatically sends submitted timesheets to designated approvers. This includes support for multiple levels of timesheet approval such as resource manager, project manager, or no approval. As an approver, you can approve or reject timesheets, add timesheet notes, determine if a resource has not started or not submitted a timesheet, and assign a delegate to act in your place when you are not available- like we said, it happens to the best of us! Then, all approvals are recorded and time-stamped, establishing a trail of responsibility for compliance with timesheet policies.


Progress Reporter FEATURES

• Report work time for assigned activities

• View activity documents and workproducts

• Send and receive notes about activities and provide revised forecasts for remaining work

• Enter and track time against overhead activities

• Compliant with accessibility standards such as US Section 508


Progress Reporter BENEFITS

• Increase project visibility, workforce productivity, and operational effectiveness

• Approval process provides visibility to ensure the integrity of the project schedule

• Unite project teams and stakeholders with collaboration and feedback capabilities

• Comply with accounting reporting requirements such as capitalization and tax credits


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