Primavera Inspire for SAP

Make your grass greener with Primavera Inspire!

We all have those friends we feel comfortable enough with to be bluntly honest. I happen to be around that friend last night and over dinner we got into one of those conversations… She is an outdoorsy type who usually spends a lot of time in the yard, but recently work has stolen most of her time. So, when she started in on how her grass just will not grow like the neighbors, I quickly reminded her that they take better care of it- and BANG I was ‘inspire’d to share Primavera Inspire for SAP with all of you!


In the same sense we have all had a least one moment (yes, all) when we spend a minute or two asking ourselves what our business competitors could be doing different to set themselves apart. Well, Primavera Inspire is one of those “secrets!”


Increase Profitability


With millions of dollars at stake and mission-critical projects on the line, project- driven and asset-intensive organizations have no choice but to keep a tight rein on cost, schedules, materials and resources. Primavera Inspire for SAP helps them do so, by providing an accurate and real-time picture of performance in all of these areas across all projects or portfolio of projects throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

By aligning costs and schedules in user-friendly applications that integrate easily with Primavera project portfolio management applications as well as SAP’s project systems, plant maintenance and materials management solutions, Primavera Inspire for SAP helps organizations reduce project risks and meet critical delivery dates by effectively forecasting and managing costs, schedules, materials and resources across the enterprise or at a single site.

Primavera Inspire for SAP is highly scalable, giving asset-intensive organizations the power to manage projects, or portfolios of projects, of any size with varying levels of urgency. Primavera Inspire for SAP enables the interoperability needed between Primavera and SAP applications, so organizations can more effectively plan and manage resource requirements for all types of projects or maintenance work—handling outages, overhauls, shutdowns, turnarounds, capital expansion or daily maintenance.




•   Enterprise-wide project, portfolio and resource management transparency

•            Reduced total cost of ownership

•   Data synchronizations that are easy to use, configurable, and customizable for your business

•            User notification of synchronization results

•   Accurate forecasting of project costs, schedules, materials, and resources

•            On-time, within budget project delivery

•            Technical support in 27 different languages

•            Data consistency between applications

•            Optimized resource utilization

•            Improved collaboration with internal and external groups

•            Reliable reporting of project parameters across applications


In Conclusion, Primavera Inspire…

1. It is always best to be honest.

2. By integrating Primavera project portfolio management applications with SAP’s enterprise resource planning solutions, Oracle’s Primavera Inspire for SAP streamlines business processes, reduces errors, and eliminates the need for costly and duplicate data entry that is required to keep both systems consistent. Best of all, it makes forecasting schedules, costs, materials, and resource usage easy for all members of the project team. The result is better project, portfolio, and resource management enterprisewide. Because project schedules are kept up to date with actual costs, project managers are able to make better-informed decisions, ensuring that an organization’s projects remain constantly aligned with its business objectives.









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