Primavera Contract Manager

You are there, in the moment thinking about that upcoming project and what is running through your mind the most? Delays? Budget? Overall project control?  We’d like to introduce or refresh you on Primavera’s Contract Manager.

The construction field has several people representing different disciplines, from contract managers, project managers and division managers to subcontractors, architects, suppliers and buyers — each of these people trying to work together on a huge number of issues and modifications while juggling a huge number of documents and contracts.

Calculating your construction projects’ schedules, budgets and deliverables is vital to the success of your projects and the future of your business. But this can be challenging with slow responses, missed deadlines and late deliveries. Every unbudgeted change or delay in the schedule can result in increased costs, risks and claims exposure.

Contract Manager is a powerful solution that combines these processes, brings together the entire project team and gives your organization confidence throughout the existence of the project.

Contract Manager is a document management, job cost and project controls solution that will raise construction project management efficiency and speed, while reducing schedule delays and risk. Built on a collaborative platform, Contract Manager alerts team members and collaborators to answered questions, potential issues and changes. It provides instant and easy access to the latest project information, including the most recent drawings, approved submittals and daily events.

By using Contract Manager, you will minimize delays, keep client costs low and accelerate completion time with improved communication and collaboration among your team.



The enhanced collaboration capabilities enable more timely responses to critical and potentially schedule- delaying field issues. Contract Manager’s flexible workflow and approval process allow you to know who is accountable for key items, and eliminate surprises during the overall project.

Comprehensive Change Management

Contract Manager also is a comprehensive change management system that assures changes are resolved, payments are made and claims are avoided. Furthermore, you can analyze the cost or schedule impact of any change on the project and identify which contractors are affected and if new equipment or materials are needed. With Primavera, you are prepared for the unexpected and have the power to negotiate details for final resolution.

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