Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud Overview

Primavera P6 cloudCloud computing is a hot term in the world of today’s business, However, many people do not know what exactly cloud computing means or the benefits of using it. Cloud computing refers to the use of computing as a service rather than a product. The software is installed and maintained in a location other than the computer it is being accessed from. This is important because the end user can use the software, but does not have to have the expertise to install and maintain the IT environment themselves. All the user has to have is a way to access the web where they will be able to access their applications. The release of Primavera P6 Cloud in a cloud environment will have a tremendous effect on the way enterprise computing is conducted.

Benefits for the Enterprise

Many large scale organizations have difficulty managing the IT infrastructure that supports hundreds of users. Maintaing an infrastructure of that size is very complicated and can have a tremendous positive and negative effect the organization. When the IT networks are working well, then organizations function effectively. However, problems with the network can cost companies millions because users cannot access their applications. Network down time, funding a full staff of IT personnel, and expensive hardware are three of many costs incurred in enterprise business. Cloud computing allows organizations to reduce many of those costs and streamline their business processes, which increases their ROI.

The Three Cloud Models

There are three types of services that make up the term “cloud computing”. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) is a model where organizations outsources the hardware needed to support the IT network. The infrastructure that specifically supports the IT environment are storage devices, network servers, computer hardware, and virtual machines. The company that provides the service owns, runs, and maintains the hardware for the user and makes sure it functions effectively.

The platform as a system (PAAS) is a way for users to rent hardware, storage, network capacity, and operating systems via the internet. This service is used when program developers across the world want to collaborate and develop new applications. Platforms as a service reduce the costs of maintaining multiple server locations across the world by using a single server location, which is important for teams working together on software development projects. Different hardware devices that fall into this model are database tools, web servers, and program development tools.

The third model of cloud computing is software as a service (SAAS).  In this model, providers install and operate software and users can access the software on the internet. The benefits of the SAAS model are easier administration, automatic updates and support, standardization of software and best practices, easier collaboration, and access anywhere. Different applications that can be run in the cloud are CRM tools, virtual desktops, games, and email.

Primavera P6 Cloud

Primavera P6 Cloud is the perfect way for enterprise organizations eliminate the up-front capital expenditures associated with the IT infrastructure and licensing,improve project team communication and collaboration, and also develop best practices. Primavera P6 cloud provides all project team members with access to their project data no matter where they are located. Primavera P6 cloud benefits include scaled functionality, expert Primavera software configuration, an reliable support, backup and recovery. The low upfront investment in Primavera P6 cloud means that the organizations ROI will be reached in a matter of months.

Mid-State Solutions, an Oracle Primavera P6 Release 8 specialized partner, has offices in Celebration, FL, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA and Seattle, WA. MSS, Inc. is a full-service project management solution provider, have been implementing sound project management solutions for leading corporations throughout the nation since 1985. Their services include:

Discovery – helping clients understand what they need

Installation – getting the software installed

Implementation – getting the software working with other systems

Training – teaching users how to use the software

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