Cloud Computing, On Demand and Project Management

Cloud and On Demand Computing and Project Management

If you recall from the previous article, What is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and On Demand, I introduced the ideas of ‘Cloud’ and ‘On Demand’ computing. This article focuses more on Cloud specifically and Oracle and Oracle’s Primavera EPPM applications.

First, let’s recall that ‘Cloud’ is really just the concept of working with YOUR data, stored on equipment owned by someone else. You access it through an internet-type setup, there are three levels: Iaas, Paas, and Saas, and you can choose a public, private, or hybrid cloud structure.

What “Cloud Computing” and “On Demand” Means for Project Management

Now here’s the good news – being an organization that already uses the Oracle Primavera applications for your Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, you understand that Oracle has quite a grasp of the whole database management thing. So it should come as no surprise, and with great relief, to know that Oracle can provide you with these Cloud and On Demand services for your organization. Thus making your capacity planning and management a bit easier.

Oracle and Cloud Computing

Oracle is offering SaaS and cloud management services on demand. So your P6 Web, Contract Management, P6 Analytics and Risk Analysis can all be provided and maintained by the company that wrote the code. Which means they are the experts if you need something changed. In addition, Oracle is offering their technology to other cloud service providers (Oracle Platform for SaaS), and they are doing this for customers in either public, private, or hybrid clouds. So even if you want to use a different vendor for your infrastructure, you can still get Oracle service and support for your platform and software needs.

So for example, you can contract with Oracle or another vendor to provide your infrastructure through virtual machines, and in either case still use Oracle for your platforms with all the database and application grids (the middleware that makes everything work), and your EPPM software packages, ie: P6, Contract Management, P6 Analytics, Risk Analysis, etc. You can have it up and running quickly, at a much lower cost than purchasing and installing it yourself, and you can also enlist Oracle to manage your cloud with all the various upgrades, patches, and performance management. On top of this, you can add and subtract ‘equipment’ and software as you need.

Kind of like having a nice, fluffy, heavenly cloud – on demand.

Tricia Kyzar has a Master’s in International Business and a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning with extensive experience in Finance and project support in construction development. Her passion is helping companies maximize their project portfolios through increased understanding of scheduling, risk analysis, earned value management, business intelligence, and reporting analytics. She is currently a Senior Consultant for Mid-State Solutions, Inc, providing Training and Support for Oracle Primavera Products.

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